5:2 Your Life: Get happy, healthy & slim

Book Cover: 5:2 Your Life: Get happy, healthy & slim

5:2 Your Life: Get Happy, Get Healthy, Get Slim?shows how you can use the 5:2 approach 每 making small changes? on just two days a week 每 to transform your love life, family time, career and fitness too. Each week, a new themed set of exercises will help you take control of the things that matter most to you 每 plus there*s a six week meal plan with brand new recipes. Kate Harrison charts the highs and lows of her own 5:2 journey with absolute honesty 每 and her realistic, humorous approach cuts through the self-help jargon.

You can try 5:2ing your family life, fitness and even your money by following these simple tips here.


Small changes, big dreams: how 5:2 helps you to take control

Imagine the life you*ve always dreamed of...

Let me qualify that a bit. Imagine the life that*s a bit like yours, but much, much better.

It*s your life when the kids are getting on brilliantly, and your partner gazes at you as though you*re Brad Pitt/Angelina Jolie (if you*re reading this, Brangelina, then, yes, 5:2 can even work for you). It*s your life when you feel fit and positive: no health worries, no aches and pains, no looming bills you*re struggling to pay. You sleep well, and wake up full of energy.

How does that life sound?

Maybe it*s familiar 每 you have days like that already and you*re hoping that 5:2-ing your life will give you more of them. Or maybe that sounds like an unattainable dream 每 or a very cheesy cereal advert. Perhaps you think that life is only for the very lucky few.


But it*s not all about luck. Most of the &luckiest* people I know seem to glide through life, but they*ve put in the work and know where they*re going. Just like a swan, effortlessly serene above the water, but paddling hard underneath.

You probably know there are things you could do right now that would help you make life better. But where would you start 每 and how on earth would you find the time? When there*s work, and chores, and bills to be paid and DIY jobs to be done and people to be fed, the stuff that could make your life better never gets tackled. If you don*t know where to begin, you never begin at all.

What if you could start small, by making changes just two days a week but feeling the positive effects all week long? What if each tiny change you made took you closer to the passions and the people that really matter to you?

That*s 5:2 Your Life, in a nutshell.

What does 5:2 Your Life actually involve?

It*s a six-week plan of enjoyable activities and ways to make your life better.

There are two parts:

  • The Life Plan - a set of practical challenges and tasks to try out two days a week. Each week has a different theme 每 and includes an activity and a challenge using proven strategies to make you happier and more productive.
  • The Eating Plan 每 based on The 5:2 Diet, this has satisfying meal plans for two &fast days* a week (don*t worry 每 you won*t be fasting completely!) plus advice on how to eat the rest of the time.

The 5:2 Life Plan Themes:

Each week, there*s a different theme 每 with activities and tasks to help you achieve what you want.

Week 1: Discover what matters to you and what you want to change 每 and begin to take action

Week 2: Connect with the people you care about and the world you share

Week 3: Simplify your life by getting rid of what*s cluttering it up and tackling complications, especially finances

Week 4: Move 每 make the mental & physical changes to increase your energy & happiness

Week 5: Relax in the new space you*ve created and enjoy your free time

Week 6: Do 每 work out what you*re best at and how to do more of it!

Reviews:Imogen on Amazon.co.uk wrote:

I'm not usually a fan of self-help books, but I was interested in a follow-on to the fabulous 5:2 Diet and 5:2 Recipe books by the same author, so I took a look at the Kindle sample.

And bought the book as soon as I'd read the sample!

The author's style is one I find particularly appealing, and just the first few activities seemed so much fun, and so potentially useful, that I really wanted to read the full thing.

It's so well set out: I love the idea of committing to the 5:2 way of eating and an "improve your life" plan at the same time, and having them work in complement to each other.

I've only just begun the activities, but I've already found some amazing tips. I love the Pomodoro Technique, the Whirlwind List, and the Pleasure List, and I'm looking forward to getting to better grips with my dreams and goals.

Oh, and the Diet section of the book has some gorgeous new recipes I want to try out!