750+ fasts & counting

After 7 years of fasting, I still love this way of eating…

Today is my 7th Fastiversary 每 where has the time gone? I fasted for the first time on August 9 2012, when I was heavier than ever before, miserable and worried about my health.

In under six months, I lost two stone/14kg, reached a healthy weight, felt fab and set up a tiny tip-sharing group. Look at us now 每 an amazing community of people dedicated to a healthier lifestyle.

The Kate Update 2012-2019

People always ask me if I still do 5:2.

The answer is YES. I am still fasting once a week, and I*m at my ideal weight, under 9 ? stone 每 OK, occasionally I might put on a pound or two, but it*s soon gone, with just a few extra fast days under my (size 10) belt.

True, I don’t post as much – I created this website, the podcasts and a Facebook group, all free, to get the message across. It all still works – I am living proof, along with many thousands in the Facebook group. But I’ve taken a break from writing health books, till I have something new to say!

My first love

Instead, I*ve gone back to writing novels. To write well, I need to spend less time online 每 I get distracted very easily. And I have good news…

I*ve just sold a novel I*ve written to publishers around the world: it’s called HOW TO SAVE A LIFE and as well as being an epic love story, it will help raise awareness of CPR: a subject very close to my heart. This is me in my new incarnation as Eva Carter (to avoid confusion around 5:2 books in my name!).

You can pop over and sign up for my book club newsletter for free to read about those books and my future plans. I still send out occasional information via my 5:2 and Dirty Diet newsletter too, but I never spam!

Happy 5:2ing, one and all, I’m off to raise a glass to my 7th year doing what works best for me. Well, maybe I will wait till this evening… it’s definitely NOT a fast day.

Love from Kate